Air Force Base Swartkop Museum is temporarily closed. This is due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 cases in the Province 

[South African Air Force Museum: COVID-19 Protocols]  

Maj Ntshangase 
012 351 2289

Visiting hours

South African Air Force Museum will be opened to the public from 17 – 23 May 2021. 

Entrance to the Museum

Entrance to the Museum is free. However, members of the public are encouraged to make donations towards the upkeep or maintenance of the historical artefacts.

Schools and groups are required to make bookings at least two (2) weeks before their proposed visit to the Museum. Individual walk-ins not required to make bookings.

Please note:

The South African Air Force Museum is situated inside the operational Air Force Base, which means security is of utmost importance. Therefore, when visiting the Museum, members of the public must have proper personal identification. Military personnel at the gate reserve the right to search any individual coming and leaving the Base.