SA Air Force Museum and its satellite stations (Air Force Station Port Elizabeth and Air Force Base Ysterplaat) are open to the public. However, groups are still not accommodated as such increases the risk of infections. Only individual walk-ins will be assisted. 

Members of the public are requested, encouraged, and advised to adhere to all Covid-19 protocols.
[South African Air Force Museum: COVID-19 Protocols] 

Operating hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 15:00

Museum remains close on weekends


The South African Air Force (SAAF) Museum houses its main branch at Air Force Base Swartkop where various historical artefacts of the SAAF are displayed in both static and flying conditions. The Museum also has branches at Air Force Station Port Elizabeth and Air Force Base Ysterplaat. The SAAF Museum is an integral part of safeguarding the collective heritage and history of the SAAF.

The purpose of the SAAF Museum is to collect, preserve, and exhibit articles and records pertaining to the heritage and traditions of the SAAF and military aviation associated therewith.

Through various initiatives, such as the SAAF Museum Airshow, it strives to generate interest and educate the general public, particularly the youth, in military aviation.

Finally, the SAAF Museum undertakes research into, accumulates and disseminates information and knowledge relating to the history and traditions of the SAAF.

Please note, that this website,, is the official SAAF Museum website.